Life Is What You Make It Happen!

Quote on Life

Considering the fast-paced life we live today compared to the earlier days of humanity, we all have had come across a post on life tips at least once.

I often wonder how come the life tips of some person be useful to other individuals? Every person is unique and living their life under different circumstances.

Though life doesn’t come with a manual, sometimes we can just take a cue from other people’s life. This way we can avoid making mistakes that someone had already committed which often they name as “experiences”. After all, life is really short and unpredictable, and death may visit us any time from the day when we are born.

Apart from this why do we indulge ourselves in reading the tips from life coaches? It is because we need validation, we are prone to assess what is going on in our life is worth it or not. Usually, such behaviors are seen more among individuals who are going through their hard times. No offense to hard times though for “Tough Times Makes a Man Stronger” to an extent that they may easily face any situations.

If you have had been through a rough patch, remember ‘This too shall pass” for better. Give yourself the permission to embrace everything with a smile. Develop a positive attitude to overcome adversities. Do not give your key to anyone else as you will need it someday. For life is what YOU, yes I am talking to you, whatever you will make happen that will be your Life.

So, you won’t be having the right to blame anyone for what your life is. Now if this is really true, then what wrong does a toddler do to get raped by a known relative? That’s what I call exceptions. There are many situations in life that no one will have control over, so what we can do is to make adjustments and come to terms with the reality.

P.S: This is the first time I’m writing a post on the go.

I randomly thought of a quote back in my mind which is inspired by a popular novel “Life is What You Make It” by Preeti Shenoy. After reading her book, I was quite impressed by her narration and the most important message she conveyed at the end. Grab your coffee and dive in the beautiful journey this monsoon.

Please do let me know your thoughts on what according to you is a LIFE, by leaving your comments below.



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